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Hey there!

You may have guessed by now, I'm Luna. I'm almost thirty-years-old and living in the UK. Some of my hobbies include vaping and being part of the vape community, listening to lots of music, playing guitar, reading books and ebooks, I like reading some magazines too. I like to read things like Fortean Times or anything a bit weird and wonderful. If I watch TV it's mostly documentaries, aside from that I watch some TV Series' like Supernatural, The Blacklist, Breaking Bad and more. I like to watch movies sometimes too, my taste in movies really depends on how I'm feeling that day. I absolutely love being on my laptop, or tinkering with my phone or tablets. I just love tech and gadgets. I enjoy flashing new software onto android devices, and playing games on my computer. I'm lucky enough to have a high spec laptop which handles everything I throw at it, from gaming like World of Warcraft, to graphic design software.

I love tattoos!

As you can probably tell, I do love tattoos and some piercings. If I had to describe my style, I'd say it varies depending on my mood. Often I dress very alternative, I love my nerdy t-shirts and baggy jeans. I also like going for a bit of a rockabillly look, sometimes emo. I don't think I follow fashion at all. I wouldn't know fashion if it jumped out at me with a neon sign. I just do "me" and I like being that way, I don't copy others, I just come up with ideas for outfits and accessories and go with the flow. Winging it for the win, as I always say.
A lot of my tattoos are memorial tattoos for my children who are sadly no longer on this Earth. When I lost my daughters a year apart, I decided I wanted to dedicate a lot of my ink to them and their memories. People often ask about the stars tattooed on my face, in reply to that I explain each star is a baby I've lost. I have six stars on the right and one star on the left side of my face. I know facial tattoos are often frowned upon but I'm not here trying to impress anyone, I'm just being me and trying to enjoy life despite the heartache I've lived through, the best way I know how.

The Custom LiPo Box Mod (vape gear)

These are a couple of photos of some of my vape gear. I have a lot of vape stuff around here. My favourite box mod right now is my custom LiPo seen in these pictures. It's quite a beast in comparison to my other mods. The LiPo is seen here with a Mason 40mm RDA on it, beside the Hexohm with the Doge dripper. I love building coils or just tinkering on, learning new things about my equipment. I'm in the process of having more custom mods built for me.

Reading is a great escape from reality!

For as long as I can remember I've always loved the English language. It was one of my favourite subjects at school, along with English literature. I think this only lent itself to me becoming quite a booknerd as I got older.

My favourite genres of book would have to be Paranormal, Horror, Fantasy. I also love anything post apocalyptic. I use reading as a way of zoning out from everyday life when I need some quiet time. I find it extremely relaxing and really fulfilling to spend hours reading books, even if they're for reviews. I love a good story. It's amazing to be able to experience the stories the writer has spent days, weeks, months and sometimes years, putting down on the pages for everyone else to read.

I like to read a lot of dark things too. For example books about crime or the occult. For some reason I just find it extremely interesting to get into the mindset of another person and understand what makes them tick.

That's me!

If you've made it this far, hopefully now you'll know a little bit more about who I am as a person.

Thanks for checking out the website, be sure to follow myself and the team online below.

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