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InkedLadyLuna followers are now able to join our HRK Game affiliate program and earn money by promoting games online!

You can do this with social media, in your newsletters, or anywhere else you wish.

Just fill in the form below OR visit this link to join the official HRK Game affiliate program and begin your gaming journey, just like InkedLadyLuna.

Luna uses this program herself when she's promoting the games she's buying and playing. Why not give it a go yourself?

Fill in the form below then HRK Game staff will review your application and either approve or decline it, based on the information you've provided to them in this form.

Have fun, enjoy gaming and best of luck for the future!

Full info can be found at this link.

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Like what we do? TAKE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL > Ask me how you can launch your very own team!

Hi everyone, I'm Luna. I'm working with HRK Game which is a gaming company. What we do is really quite simple. When we're talking about games or gaming online, we direct people to their site to make sales.

Games for lots of platforms >
They sell games for several platforms such as Steam, Uplay, Origin, Xbox and more, which come in the form of keys (codes you type in to enable you to instantly download the game you've purchased), as well as stuff like the mystery keys which are a great easy seller. We have the most popular games, new releases, full price games as well as very regular sales offers. So there's always something to push and promote.

Your own private sales account >
Any sales you make, you have your own commission, your own account. It's kept private from myself so you won't have me looking over your shoulder, I'm simply here to help aid and guide my team.

It's entirely up to you how hard you want to work at it, or if you just wanted to do it to earn some pocket money.

There's no kind of tie in contract, so if you tried it for a few months and didn't feel like it was for you, you can call it quits. But, I'd like to be able to mentor my team to help all of us to make the most of what we're doing. Give you my advice, hints and tips.

Team incentives and bonuses >
I'll be running incentives for team members such as, first to make a sale, first to make 10 sales and so on.

Launch your own team >
If you enjoy doing it, you can even take it further by launching your own team, so you manage your very own team like I do. 😊

Promote on social media >
You can promote HRK products anywhere you like, social media, on your own website, YouTube channels, live streams, in groups. The options are really endless and it's entirely up to you how YOU choose to do it. You might do things that work for you, where I might do different things.

I'd love the opportunity to help others get into what it is I do every day. So this is a good way to get your foot in the door.

You can see all of the games HRK Game sell right here on the HRK Game website.

If this is something you’re interested in, you can join my team by filling in the form below.

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